Iris Eldinger - Superhero!


                    A New Story from Gretchen Peterson

When 19-year-old American college student, Bunny Baxter, encounters an ancient Greek goddess, she learns that women around the world need a superhero. But when Bunny realizes that the goddess expects Bunny to be the superhero, she vehemently refuses ---until she imagines the power and fun of being a superhero. Now Bunny must fight to reconcile her comic book fantasies with the urgent need to help women.


On Saturday, February 13, 2016, Gretchen Peterson, Storyteller, performed the world premiere of her new story: Iris Eldinger - Superhero! The reviews are in:



“Entertaining and vivid!”

“I cheered her on!”

“An inspiration!”

“Can’t wait to hear more adventures!”

“I am smiling!”

“That inner world is a beautiful gift to the world!”

“Creative and brave!”
“What a talent!”

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