Izumi Productions Presents

Persephone  s  Xoa  s  Iris

A Myth s A Memoir s A Mission

Three Original Stories about women who love women

Written and Performed by Gretchen Peterson


Storyteller Gretchen Peterson performs three original stories in an intricate and poignant one-woman show.

First, Persephone’s Promise re-imagines the Greek myth of the goddess split between her mother and her husband.

Next, Xoa (“Zoh’ uh”) is the amusing personal narrative of the heretofore unknown Greek goddess: The goddess of women who love women.

Finally, Iris Eldinger: Superhero tells the astounding tale of a brand-new superhero.

Drawing upon mythology, lesbian history, and comic book ethos, Gretchen’s enchanting trilogy reveals the fierce passions, frustrated paths, and the fiery enlightenment of women who love women.

Scroll down for a review (under Storytelling) of this show as performed at Fertile Ground Festival in January 2018.

To book Gretchen for a performance of Persephone, Xoa, Iris, contact her at lemonwoodcourt@gmail.com.